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This is an extreme edition because all of the pranks end up in fights
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happy wheels 2 demo




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  • _*I'M FUNNY ?*_ 2 months ago

    Pinch hardly on their ass then say its a prank

  • Daniel Eliashib 2 months ago

    Fake video

  • Nadia Lisa 2 months ago

    Pranksters got punched

  • Iavicoli Marco 2 months ago

    United Subuman Americans

  • Mr. Kidd II 2 months ago

    It's not even pranks…just doing unnecessary dumb shit.

  • Oh Really 2 months ago

    It amazes me that little turds like these thinks it OK to be an ass and screw with people they don't know and then just say "it's a prank" and that is supposed to make it right. Please "prank" me. I will "prank you back by snapping your arm in half and then just say, "chill out, it's just a prank."

  • Bobby Atkinson 2 months ago

    Those weren’t pranks! Is he stupid or some shit?

  • Schizo voices 2 months ago

    you cant rob a guy and say "its a prank" and expect people to be like.. oh.. ok. πŸ™‚

  • Tony Montana 2 months ago

    And then some whit kid gets shot and start crying again πŸ˜‘

  • P Musterbank 2 months ago

    Boring fake

  • Frozen Ninja 2 months ago

    Black people are cancer

  • Abhi Raj Singh 2 months ago

    Nicee.. They deserved it.. Kill them all

  • jay tare 2 months ago

    Get some life dude….

  • Muhammad Amer 2 months ago

    Kill them and say it’s a prank
    … Oh wait ..

  • Jason Neath 2 months ago

    I would easily ko you idiots, the only prank that would be is you guys sleeping, so who looks stupid then?

  • Avizo Yano 2 months ago

    They got serve…

  • Tileaf 2 months ago

    2:25 AHAHAHAHA

  • MadLyF Vitality 2 months ago

    Top 5 stupid americans

  • Ankit roy 2 months ago

    Hate pranksters though

  • Kal El 2 months ago

    Never will understand to this people…..