Guys, ALL my Suits vids except this one are blocked worldwide, which is really sad 🙁 thank you for the views, anyway.

Suits (Humour/Funny Moments) | Don’t Worry

hey, everyone! this was supposed to be a Christmas/New Year present to all of you but I was able to finish just now. oops, sorry. anyway, first video of 2016, so I wish you all to start this year positively 🙂 thanks again for the amazing response to all the previous parts! I read all your comments and they make me smile!

part 1:
part 2:
donna paulsen edition:

Fandom: Suits
Music: Don’t Worry by Madcon

disclaimer: I do not own any clips or music. everything belongs to their owners. I do not earn any money with this video. no copyright infringement intended.


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  • Noni Sb 1 week ago

    I miss the original 6😢

  • A Mikaelson 1 week ago

    That's not cool, Harvey. 😆😆

  • Harvey Specter 1 week ago


  • Ankit Singh Rawat 1 week ago

    Part 4 needed!

  • Madhur Jain Bukhariya 1 week ago

    Damnnn I loved it!!!!!!🤣

  • Mace Valeed 1 week ago

    I don't like the Lawyers Humor because what i've learn't from them.

  • Thaís Agrícola 1 week ago

    Louis Litt é muito loco mano hahahahaha

  • yougonasorry 1 week ago

    this montage was made by a girl… all the signs are there

  • Avaaz Zmn 1 week ago

    Ughh all I can think of is how Mike and Harvey could make a great hot couple.

  • Zavier Chan 1 week ago


  • adilaiter12 1 week ago

    Royal wedding vibezz

  • MFour 1 week ago

    R.I.P Suits

  • Naavish 1 week ago

    What episode is 2:56

  • Mundwasserfabrik 1 week ago

    Hey, let's play copyrighted music on top of copyrighted visuals!

  • p priya 1 week ago


  • Marios w. 1 week ago

    There is no badass as Jessica goddamn Pearson

  • Felicity Smoak and Will Graham fan 1 week ago

    That last part tho! #Marvey

  • Felicity Smoak and Will Graham fan 1 week ago

    Awwwww Katrina and Mike! Cute friendship!

  • Bjørn Thrane 1 week ago

    Why put on music man?

  • Panda SS 1 week ago

    This show is a class above a lot of things.