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happy wheels 2 demo


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  • 1,991,031 views 1 month ago

    @Abhishek Banthia – you are a lodu Indian

  • Ryan McEntire 1 month ago

    People complaining about the deadpam humor. Bitch thats the best kind of humor

  • dpgriffith 1 month ago

    Wow 240p? so crappy I did a thumb down due to the fact I can hardly see it.

  • daniel KHOO 1 month ago

    I also posses numerous fingers

  • Brass Tacks 1 month ago

    high functioning autistism, it comes naturally to him. ive been around autism enough to spot it. its not that they dont care, its that they dont understand anything outside of their mindset. dry humor? no, i wouldnt classify it as that. id classify him as a sociopath.

    he pulled a handkerchief from between the buttons on his shirt, btw. he made it pretty obvious with all the needless movement.

  • DewLusion 1 month ago

    My teacher does dry humor as she discusses.

  • Messiah 1 month ago

    Ohh Brother This guys stinks!

  • Can we get 10,000 subs with no videos?! 1 month ago


  • Dre Day 1 month ago


  • Aeya Barracuda 4 weeks ago

    Is he Nathan Fielder's secret nemesis

  • Blaster Dasher25 4 weeks ago

    wow he grew up to be a huge star

  • Squirrel Games 4 weeks ago

    Affirmative Action!

  • QuinnCloud 4 weeks ago

    i found solar sands irl

  • Andrew 4 weeks ago

    my leg

  • Objective Colllective ‘ 4 weeks ago

    Not very groundbreaking

  • DaniTheBrain 4 weeks ago


  • Wesley Tibbetts 4 weeks ago

    This guy is the real young Sheldon. lol 😂

  • Oscar de Nijs 4 weeks ago

    This is filmed with a potato

  • stumpyrook 4 weeks ago

    is this pepe before he became a frog? FeelsBadMan

  • I think deadpan is the smartest style of comedy.