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My mate just stole my Thesaurus. Frankly, I'm lost for words.


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I've just read a book called "Treasure Island" Otherwise known as "How to claim benefits for Immigrants"


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In his book, Tony Blair says he would make love to his wife upto 5 times a night. And there was me thinking the decision to go into Iraq was a difficult one


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Trolls really get my goat.


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I've just seen a bloke spray painting a blond haired male reporter and a little white dog on the front of his car. I think he was Tin-Tin his windows.


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Newcastle v Reading today. Newcastle don't stand a chance; Geordies have never seen a book never mind read one.


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I'm currently reading a book about a bird watching club that's used as a cover by a group of swingers. It's full of trysts and terns.


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This book i'm reading has an incredible battery life.


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A guy goes to the doctor and says, "Doc, your going to have to help me. Every morning I wake up convinced that I wrote Lord of the Rings." The doctor nods and replies, "Don't worry, you've just been Tolkien in your sl...


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I'm currently reading 'My Life' by Bill Clinton. Which freaked me out because I didn't think he knew anything about my life.


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My mate finally finished writing his book about cooking with herbs. It's about thyme.


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I ordered a joke book off Amazon last week.... but I didn't get it.

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