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News: "The Tate Modern has removed a nude photo of actress Brooke Shields aged 10 from its new exhibition over fears it will be a gathering place for paedophiles". Okay guys I'm sorry but the minibuses wont be picki...


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'Edvard Munch's The Scream sells for $120 million'. Victoria Beckham was going to bid for it.. Then she remembered that she had a mirror.


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I got some really bad news at my university today. Instead of funding my department they are funding the language and the history department. Oh the humanities!


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Salvador Dali walks into a fish and orders a pint of stamps. The barman says, "Why the bicycle wheel?"


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I think I have a photographic memory... ...All the people in my head have red eyes.


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Felt it would be a good idea to draw straws with my mates to see which one of us went for the munter out of a group of girls. And people say my a BA in Art would be useless.


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Damien Hirst partner has walked out on him for another man. Like a dead cow in an art gallery he must be gutted.


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I found an old unframed oil painting in my loft yesterday of a beautiful naked lady so i mounted it


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Just finished reading 50 shades of grey - I thought it was rather monochromatic.


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My father gave me my first condom. Sadly, he was wearing it at the time.


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A new exhibition where the artist uses human excrement to create celebrity portraits opens tomorrow. There'll be some familiar faeces on show.


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Who's boss of the pencil case? The Ruler.

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