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How do we know Vermeer had a low sperm count? Well, it's not 'Girl with a Pearl Necklace' is it?


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Consistently innovative and exciting, the London International Mime Festival returns....Now you're talking


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Fifty shades of grey The first ever book for dogs


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Whenever I'm asked who the man of the match is, my answer is always the same. Lowry.


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I lost so much cash through having my art stolen recently, but fortunately this month I've Claude Monet back.


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Went to an M.C. Escher exhibition today. All the best prints were on the second floor but unfortunately I couldn't get there.


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My dad paints all of his pictures in his own blood. He suffers for his art.


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Vincent Van Gogh. There's a man. Everyone said to him "you can't be an artist! You only have one ear!" and you know what he said? "Sorry, I can't hear you".


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'Every picture tells a story'. The picture up in my house, tells me how bad security is at the Khalil museum, and that Van Gogh's painting is not worth 32m.


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At the Last Supper, how come no one sat at the other side of the table?


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I always thought auctions were really boring, but the one I went too today was really exciting. Granted, I was sat at the back of the room with a tazer.


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I've developed a foolproof technique any of you can use to sculpt a model of an elephant. 1. Get a huge block of marble. 2. Chip away anything that doesn't look like an elephant.

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