O MY GOD! This was so funny to make xD In episode 3×01 i loved how she was so “bitchy” 😀
Fandom: Legends Of Tomorrow
Coloring: Mine
Song: In The Title 🙂

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  • Sarah Sarita 2 weeks ago

    At first in arrow she wasn't my fav I didn't like her , but I was blind she's amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  • Joylynn Awurama Biney 2 weeks ago

    Damn girl😘😘

  • Kayla Hutton 2 weeks ago

    Humor: Sarah Lance kicking everyone's ass simultaneously

  • Terina Aquino 2 weeks ago

    the music kinda ruined it

  • kiry Saur 2 weeks ago

    Marina And The Diamonds 😍

  • The Diva 2 weeks ago

    Geez how do girls even have sex in the first place? And Sara is bisexual why does the series make Sara just seem gay??

  • Der FUCHS 2 weeks ago

    hot as hell

  • darrien Tong 2 weeks ago

    how is this humor

  • Viqueen Zamot 2 weeks ago

    Love it

  • The DutchCraft 2 weeks ago

    I really love her she is by far the best member from legends of Tomorrow

  • Storm Phantom 2 weeks ago

    we came. we saw. we KICKED CAESAR'S ASS!

  • feartheheda :D 2 weeks ago

    I've seen Sara Lance in Arrow, a few Legends clips, and crossover episodes.

    Do you think I should start Legends Of Tomorrow? Like is it worth watching? I've seen many complaints about the show but it seems alrighr to me…

  • watchingrob 2 weeks ago

    She is so cool.
    And so hot

  • asung tei 2 weeks ago

    Yipee! Catfight!

  • Kam J 2 weeks ago

    how amazing is that girls have more badasses role models to look out for. Also Sara lance makes me very gay and I was pretty sure that was straight

  • CHONPS 2 weeks ago


  • Xristos 22 2 weeks ago


  • arrowverse lover 100 2 weeks ago

    Something about that bloodlust just makes her a total badass!!!!

  • DarkMarie95 2 weeks ago

    I honestly miss her season one costume when she had the curly hair not with the one now with the slick back hair

  • lanihawj 2 weeks ago

    Caity do her own stunts. She's so perfect.