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FAQ: How old is Mimi & SonBoy?
Mimi is 6 years old, & SonBoy is 1 year old.

Hi friends! I’m Jen & welcome to my channel of my beautiful babies!
Mariah A.K.A Mimi who turned 6 on January 30th & little Tristan A.K.A Son Boy who turned 1 on November 16th.
We are a family born & raised in California. BAY AREA represent!!!! Go Warriors!!!!
I am a k-1st grade teacher & I homeschool my daughter & now my son. Our vlogs are full of fun, inspiration & love! So go ahead & subscribe!


P.O BOX 2080 23rd St #6659
San Pablo CA 94806


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  • JennyBelly1983 6 months ago

    MimiGang, where are you! Comment down what should our next prank be! πŸ€ͺ

  • Lillie Parnell 6 months ago

    so cute eating .why u have that gate Up their he crying so adorable .dont put my princess out so sad looking .

  • Mina Youmans 6 months ago

    Slime prank on mimi

  • Saba Tesfamariam 6 months ago

    Your next prank should be that your daughter has to get married

  • Brittany Tracey 6 months ago

    #mimi gang

  • brwneyesaz 6 months ago

    You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing your antics etc. Peace and love to you all. πŸ™‚

  • christina Negron 6 months ago

    Jennnnnnn oh my goodness those pranks bendito la princessa my heart melts I can't see her cry lol it hurts 😟haha, but that was a good prank tho , you should do the leaving her home with SonBoy prank lol I can only imagine by the way SonBoy is so cute I love him too such a big boy already , I'm always working extra hours now so I barely have time for youtube , I just turned notification on so I won't miss anymore videos I didn't realize it was off…anyways have a wonderful weekend and Also Happy Mother's day to you …one of thee most awesome mommy's in the world ..God bless you ..hugs to Mimi and SonBoy ttys ….love you guys so much and I just also notice you have 234k subs already I'm so proud and happy for you …I'm praying one million before the year ends Yes mam πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

  • Jayda Boo MSP cazares 6 months ago


  • Blanca Peralta 6 months ago

    Oh your mom curse nobody loves his plastic more like an ugly Giants cry baby you shut the f**** up

  • Antonia Boyd 6 months ago

    She was so mad at the emd

  • Ashanti Wilkes 6 months ago

    What's up Mimi gang love you so much and hiiiiiii

  • Janette PAUL 6 months ago

    She is so cute i hate it when u do pranks on her😭

  • Leigha Gearon 6 months ago

    i love that prank

  • Leigha Gearon 6 months ago

    i dont like your prank

  • Leigha Gearon 6 months ago

    prank that mimi is not in the house

  • Leigha Gearon 6 months ago

    prank the dad

  • Leigha Gearon 6 months ago

    when i watched that it almost made me run away from home

  • Leigha Gearon 6 months ago

    mimi you are the best

  • Vanessa Grier 6 months ago

    Hello Mimi Gang,Β  telling Mimi she has School on a Sunday.

  • Somoe Seif 6 months ago

    Ooohh Mimi I can't jus stop saying that u r super cute baby girl…..I think mum needs to do the home alone prank so I can see ur reaction…..bdw I love way so much