Just For Laughs – 10 Funniest Pranks (18) Video Edit By Km Music
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Garcia – Bamboleo
Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody


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  • Shuglay Azams 5 days ago

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  • Igor Serkin 5 days ago

    Все эти штуки у вас пройдут смешно, но только не с россиянами.

  • Indranil Jana 5 days ago

    How you involved child in dildo prank?

  • Khusi Hitaishy 5 days ago

    Good job

  • karthick babu 5 days ago


  • Baby Girl 5 days ago

    funny prank

  • jeff munoz 5 days ago

    Great stuff

  • Faisal Ch 5 days ago


  • Butter Cup 5 days ago


  • sulaiman khan 5 days ago

    So nice video

  • caribean missrevival 5 days ago

    J'ai passé un très bon moment. Merci!

  • garrett drums 5 days ago

    This aint funny at all

  • Aysha Chowdhury 5 days ago

    I am so wonder how people didnt know them. some of these guys has been in pranks for years

  • LIKE A BOSS 5 days ago


  • Benjamin S. 5 days ago


  • KUNDAN KUMAR 5 days ago

    12.06 to 12.12 hot girl

  • Donna Mae Rona 5 days ago

    the look on their faces hahhaa that cop

  • Shona Sho 5 days ago

    Euh le gamin avec le gode j'espère qu'il sait pas ce que c'est

  • Own Boss 5 days ago

    The first prank was AWESOME! LMAO

  • Pedro Puelles 5 days ago