Amusement parks are one SO MUCH FUN! One of the best parts of summer vacation is getting to use your annual pass at your favorite amusement park all the time! Because who doesn’t love standing with hundreds of people in the humidity to ride a roller coaster for 2 minutes? You see, amusement parks are the best until they aren’t…so today we’re giving you a compilation of some of hilarious roller coaster fails! Because the only thing that is as close to as much fun as ACTUALLY going to an amusement park, is watching funny roller coaster fails! This hilarious compilation is filled with kids reacting to their first time experiencing various rides, eating amusement park food, falling, and getting soaked from the water rides — all at the amusement park!

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  • Ian gardner 1 week ago

    3:39 were the lil boy go

  • Try Hard Kitteh 1 week ago

    Step 1 step 2 step 2 step 4 step 2

  • Sahra Stech 1 week ago

    O:40 – 0:52 hahaha 😄

  • Dayjho TV 1 week ago

    2:30 jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

  • Davian Hatch 1 week ago

    The little girl with snow white had me crying

  • nick smith 1 week ago
  • intangibletruth 1 week ago

    I feel for that person in the donald duck costume, kids squeeze hands too hard!

  • Pío 2.0 1 week ago


  • Jun Rapiz 1 week ago

    0:48 does anyone know her?

  • Sparkinq SiSi 1 week ago
  • Denise Karg 1 week ago


  • Lillie Bracegirdle 1 week ago

    I went on a ride today and my face was all the kids faces when it was “scary” heh😅

  • Andi Mack Lovers 1 week ago

    Ohhhhhhh Donald Duck is sister snatched from his job 😂😂1:55

  • David Palotti 1 week ago
  • Maria Smith 1 week ago

    Did you see the part where the water made them fall down I feel bad for them

  • glitter sparkels 1 week ago


  • Pro gamer 1 week ago

    They were not perperd sos spelling

  • Unicorn magic15 1 week ago

    At 5:45 its a rainbow

  • Andrea Kinsky 1 week ago

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    I ca
    I can
    I can't
    I can't m
    I can't mo
    I can't mov
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    I can't mo
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  • Shadow Puppet 1 week ago