Funny Japanese Prank T-Rex Dinosaur in Hall Way
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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • alexgataric 5 months ago

    That is one talented guy operating the suit. Head and mouth motion is very real.

  • Salty But Pepper 5 months ago


  • Hyster83 5 months ago

    because people sleep in full makeup all the time

  • Alexander Afxendiou 5 months ago


  • 홍지민 5 months ago

    Who is the fucking faggot at the last?

  • Nintendorak Yamato 5 months ago

    1:56 Jaws Theme LOL XD

  • Kyomi Bailey 5 months ago

    Dino snatched his weeve!

  • Poochie Collins 5 months ago

    "Sorry I was late to work. A Velociraptor came in my room last night."

  • シェルドン 5 months ago


  • avivin99 5 months ago

    Very nice, you can see something similar here:

  • ts not f or unfx

  • Rich Leed 5 months ago

    The last one: Not sure which is scarier. The dino or the dude in the wig

  • Kiiro Infactoid 5 months ago

    everybody knows that the dino should dance, too.

  • assasir25 CZLP 5 months ago

    that not a T-Rex its Raptor

  • Cash Me Outside How Bout Dah 5 months ago

    Japanese girls would be alot prettier if they shaved their damn pussies!

  • NintendopePokemonFreak Ruben 5 months ago

    dinosaur sleeping women = genius prank

  • El Taco 5 months ago

    If there's one thing the Japanese do well it's run from giant reptiles.

  • Rawb Ja 5 months ago

    GodziRRA ! GodziRRA ! GodziRRA !

  • Cookie 5 months ago

    Japan Park/World!

  • Saro M 5 months ago

    Japanese clearly know how to make wigs