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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Gian Gonzales 6 months ago

    i feel bad for the first clip i think she cried

  • Allie Melton 6 months ago

    I like how the girl screams in the car! LOL!!!

  • secret hehe 6 months ago

    Damn I could’ve gotten smacked on the booty if i pranked my mom like that! Hahahahah

  • randy randy 6 months ago

    Parents that scare their little kids like that should be freaking jailed!

  • Night Shadow29 6 months ago

    0:15 why he scream like woody?

  • Audrey Thorne 6 months ago

    thats mean scaring them children with halloween mask.not funny at all.

  • Peter Cunicelli 6 months ago

    I really wish they'd separate the segments where they scare kids from where they scare the adults. The mother who scared her kids in the shopping cart must feel really good that she made her kids cry. Scaring kids isn't funny.

  • Fake YouTuber 6 months ago

    I forgot the keys, naked butt. LOGAN… AHHHH

  • I love how having a heart and thinking that 1:05 is wrong automatically means you’re a “liberal wussie with no spine” where’s the logic??

  • Ben Benjamin 6 months ago

    Scaring kids under 5 is mean

  • jacob hamlett 6 months ago

    is the best scare cam vid

  • brookenicole91 6 months ago

    573 people are stupid idiots.

  • Žmrlj Grljž 6 months ago

    Scaring children??

  • I love the ones where they scare the kids they give the best reactions facial expressions and when they say shit back to them its hilarious i use to scare my older sister all the time as a kid and still scare them now, people bitching about scaring young kids but its ok to scare old people? even though they could have a heart attack, a child will get over it, it will not cause trauma for fuck sake, kids get scared at things that are not even supposed to be scary i use to be shit scared of the dark crystal if anyone remembers that one

  • chelsea hulmston 6 months ago

    My kids are 4 6 and 9. We all do this to eachother with me and their dad. It's hilarious

  • Robert Enache 6 months ago


  • Ta Zgiang 6 months ago

    So many parents creating trust issues while they are so young

  • Mindure Own Busi Noseyparker 6 months ago

    if those that scare little kids think thats funny they need cunting to death as cunts

  • Jaycee Perona 6 months ago

    The first one got me so HARD

  • Its Your Boy Mikey75 6 months ago