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Sometimes, things go according to plan…and sometimes they don’t! And that’s what we here at BGL can truly relate to. In a day where instagram sets the bar incredibly high, it gives us a lot of expectations about how to look and how to act. I don’t know about you, but for me it never works out. These funny babies can all agree. Today, we’re going to be showing you some babies who are experiencing some expectations vs reality. You’re going to love these 100 funny baby videos. The life of baby isn’t an easy life, but they make it work! They’re taking on life each day at a time. I suppose you can say these are babies vs life.

Like this compilation if you’ve ever had an expectation vs reality moment! Comment who you think are the funniest babies down below!

Expectations vs Reality | 100 Funny Baby Videos

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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Bobby Cratchet 1 month ago

    What all knowing being or deity thought to give guys organs that allow a 2 year old to bring us to our knees?

  • _Yogurts Cat_ 1 month ago

    Кто хоть раз в жизни ел песок?

  • Not Today 1 month ago

    Is this what I have to look forward to? Goodness I'm not ready…. I guess I have no choice though, he's coming in 3 months 😳

  • Mandy Sharp 1 month ago

    Most of these have been uploaded before on other videos

  • Esteily Silverio 1 month ago


  • Sharlyne Ngige 1 month ago

    My favorite part was when the baby made the cake fall down but it survived

  • nick smith 1 month ago
  • Anti Children 1 month ago

    Do you find that funny stupid?

  • Covers By Elia 1 month ago
  • Covers By Elia 1 month ago

    03:43 and then theres you

  • احمد العراقي 1 month ago


  • legend pandey 1 month ago

    1.37 how could someone record so peacefully in that situation. Plz grab that child they are sensitive 😎

  • Courtnee with 2 E's 1 month ago

    Look at this baby eating so clean!… (Shows the other baby) then there's you.

  • Jolyn Garcia 1 month ago

    3:19 I think i heard this song before, somebody tell me its name?

  • Deanna Haslip 1 month ago


  • Pipper Squeak101 1 month ago

    3:07 surfing vacuum cleaner baby

  • KB Flash 1 month ago


  • Noor Dweik 1 month ago


  • nick smith 1 month ago
  • Nirmalendu Kundu 1 month ago