JukinVideo presents Epic Pranks: Parents vs. Kids! Watch as these parents get the ultimate revenge on their children! They’ve thought of the most outrageous ways to torture their kids and recorded it for our enjoyment!!

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2. Kids Prank Their Parents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yAVEQWcvvg

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  • Vezotolu Vadeo 2 weeks ago

    i swear the spider bit made me laugh sooo freaking hard…parents can be dicks but i still love them to death 🙂

  • xXFireGamerXx27 #minecraft 2 weeks ago

    They have eggs not whole birth!! XD

  • V VODKA 2 weeks ago

    Chicken is pregnant omg 😂😂😂😂😂 heights of stupidity

  • Joshua Benton 2 weeks ago

    Lucy u got some explaining to do

  • Patricia isha Sebastian 2 weeks ago


  • Knopfab AO_Basic 2 weeks ago

    Schade hätte gerne das das in Asylheim gemacht wird und die Gesichter sehen.

  • Watch me eat/ Fat, belly dancer 2 weeks ago

    Spider part not cool

  • mary yz 2 weeks ago

    1:07 this is too much 🙁

  • ConsciousThought 2 weeks ago

    1:22 Sexy feet, Mom.

  • John malkovic voice is on point

  • Kelley G 2 weeks ago

    Dad is so wrong for the spider, I don’t play like that

  • Marco Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    the spider joke is not without danger. Those spiders have hairs, which they can 'brush of' when they feel threatened. These hairs burn like hell when they get in your eyes.

  • Neisan Land 2 weeks ago

    that spider prank, I'd leave the family, change my name, and never seen them for years.

  • fha gerber 2 weeks ago

    That will be a dead spider

  • fha gerber 2 weeks ago

    Stupid kid with boot

  • HHTV3 2 weeks ago

    I love pregnant chickens 👅👅👅

  • MediaMan James Smith 2 weeks ago

    The last one was just cruel (there were a few in particular that were also but that was just dickish).

  • Brian F 2 weeks ago

    1:21 MILF

  • HorrorMoron 2 weeks ago

    The last one was…DISGUSTANG

  • Yuki Babayega 2 weeks ago

    and that's how you get them back for all the suffering they caused and helping therapists get work for decades.