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  • Emergency Awesome 6 months ago

    Here's my new Deadpool 2 video and a whole bunch more details on the Deadpool TV Series premiering later this year! Let me know what kind of bonus videos you want me to do for it while we wait for it to drop!

  • Canaan 6 months ago

    Chimichangas should be the prize in the Deadpool giveaway

  • Im Triggered 6 months ago

    I want Nolan North or Ryan Reynolds. Preferably Nolan.

  • jafairar collins 6 months ago

    Do Deadpool have a hammer like Thor at 3:07 lol

  • SPUDtheSCARECROW69 6 months ago

    What if the animation could look like the cartoon bit at the end of the credits in deadpool 1

  • 12chapin 6 months ago

    I think I have been in that hallway🤔

  • Deaires wilson 6 months ago

    Nolan north or ryan.

  • Satan lucifer 6 months ago

    Marvel legends Deadpool for give aways

  • OneLove Tay 6 months ago

    Emergency amesome do final space

  • Assemble! Excelsior! 6 months ago

    Deadpool painting give away

  • Mike Martinez 6 months ago

    That action figure they show in the deadpool 2 trailer ?!!??! Use that as the give away, if you can find that toy!! That be badass !!!!

  • Wee Lockwood 6 months ago

    just So Ya Know (Wisconsin accent) you have a monotone voice buuuut I really dig it! It so fits! I'm noise sensitive, super irritatable and other YTers are TearWahBole! But I like you, respect you aaaand ur one of the Few I follow. Don't know why But I Had to tell you. "Well done, young grasshoppah 🙏*

  • Mason Walsh 6 months ago

    Helpful forehead sign just flee mm-hmm experience watch conservative inflation.

  • Louie Poison Musyc 6 months ago

    The giveaway should be Omega red action figure from the new marvel DP2 edition

  • Midnight 6 months ago

    I could watch ryan walking in that hallway all day just cracking jokes lmao

  • Thomas Clarke 6 months ago

    Give away prize idea….. PINK UNICORN!!!!!!!!!

  • Wolf Deffender Games 6 months ago

    Give away a deadpool mask

  • Alfie Tovar 6 months ago


  • riddler5695 6 months ago

    How bout those Marvel Legends Infinity War figures revealed???

  • Mendicant Biased 6 months ago

    Any chance of a plot armour reference? An ordinary human gets hit with a water truck, it's not water truck and someone asks, "how did you survive that!?" Deadpool butts in and says something like, "plot armour, duh!"