6 Classic funny Steve Harvey reactions on Family Feud USA to some of the funniest answers given!
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  • Realjayrome 3 weeks ago

    These people answers have me crying!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • John Lang 3 weeks ago

    "Naked Grandma"…..STILL funny after all these years!

  • MADJOE FC 3 weeks ago

    "Rectal 😶…." 😅

  • mary yz 3 weeks ago

    1:03 wft! its says "baking brownies" am i missing something? İs it pooping?

  • Alessandra Leigh 3 weeks ago

    A joint and a collection plate…iconic

  • Alessandra Leigh 3 weeks ago


  • Bonus Round 3 weeks ago

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  • Chris Thomson 3 weeks ago

    same old clips as always

  • danel heffley 3 weeks ago

    playing with youself isnt a sin.

  • Rin Jackson 3 weeks ago

    I imagine reactions like the ones in this video are why Steve's been hosting Family Feud as long as he has

  • Sarah Mae 3 weeks ago


    Gets me every time 😜

  • Gorg Jem 3 weeks ago

    "He's a good sucker." is a good answer!! Why it isn't up there 😂😂

  • Tania Davis 3 weeks ago

    Naked Grandma!!!!!!!!!

  • Francis Tolbert 3 weeks ago

    I would _____ for sex. This reaction never gets old.

  • Peter Borzillo 3 weeks ago

    "I'ts-it's Less than th-the Joint"

  • LovesDivine19 3 weeks ago


  • Miss Chibi Godd 3 weeks ago

    old clips used b4. 1/10

  • Yamlak Abebe 3 weeks ago

    “Nakeee haaaa”😭😭😭😭😂💀

  • mynameisray 3 weeks ago

    Being a religious teacher must be easy.. just make any shit you want up..

  • Expat47 3 weeks ago

    Seriously, rehashed and more than once!