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I was going to give you a nasty look, but I see you already have one.


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You`ve got teeth like a witch doctors necklace.


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Women must think I'm a handyman, since "help" is the first word out of their mouth when they see me.


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I saw the woman who's in that wrinkle removal cream advert at a party. I asked her what her secret really is. "I'm twenty two", she said.


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Today my boss told me my facial hair is bad for business, Nothing's been said by any of the other escorts though.


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I realised I was getting old the other day when my hairdresser spent more time on shaving my ears and eyebrows than she did on shaving my head.


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Inside every fat woman is a thin woman and a lot of chocolate. Inside every thin woman is a fat woman waiting for marriage.


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Today my fashion statement is, "I missed a spot shaving."


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They say that diamonds are a girls best friend. I would have thought that a packet of tampons on a heavy day might at least have got an honorable mention.


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Bald people face discrimination. One guy told me he "can't help my kind," and asked me to leave his shop! He was an awful barber anyway.


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My mate said I was too fat to climb a wall. I still can't get over it.


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I've almost finished developing an anti-ageing product and my wife has agreed to let me trial it on her tonight. I just need to find a silencer now.

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