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How do you get down from a elephant? You don't, you get it from a duck.


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I'm black and I live in a purely white area, but this isn't a problem, in fact the community is very close and in hard times we all come together to see it through. I'm a penguin, and I'm against racism.


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I hear the police have set up a hot dog stand outside their station in Nottingham? Haven't they got anything better to do?


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90% of dogs in Korea are inbred... like in a sandwich or something.


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I hate jokes about animals they are so irrelephant


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Curiosity never killed the cat.. he just didn't get his IAMS


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What did the blind, deaf and dumb girl call her dog? Eeeuuuurrrrhhhh!!


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My dog has just bitten my disabled son. That's it, once this ones gone, no more kids for me!


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On the ITV news just now, there was a segment where a CCTV video was shown of an old woman stroking a cat and putting it in a wheelie bin, and walking off, where the cat was trapped for 15 hours. I can guarantee you, ...


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I've trained my rottweiler to attack and bite on command. Should be fun - the command I've chosen is, "Can I stroke your dog?"


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I've been doing lots of work on the effects of smoking on monkeys The sole conclusion I've drawn is that they look cooler than the none smoking monkeys.


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There is no sense in running from your problems. Unless they are lions