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Where did house spiders live thousands of years ago?


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It looks like we've got a new postman. He just laughed when he came through the gate that has a sign "Beware of the Cat". Must be his first time delivering to Safari World.


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My wife just text me, "Wolfs are mythological creatures right?" I could not believe the stupidity. Everyone knows "wolves" is plural.


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Behave. The place where posh bees fly to.


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Researchers said today ..... 'Chimpanzees deal with death like humans' What a load of twaddle........ I've never seen a chimpanzee post a dead human joke on Sickipedia yet!


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My wife wanted to name our new dog 'On'. So I called it off.


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My pet turtle has been trying to break dance on it's back for three weeks now.


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Animals may be our friends but they wont pick you up at the airport.


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What do you call an Albino Gorilla? Honkey Kong.


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Trust me never mix skunk with acid. You'll never be allowed back in that zoo again.


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I accidentally ran over a cat today. It was okay but its tail had fallen off. Luckily I took it to Tesco, Britain's biggest retailer.


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Whats the difference between a hamster and a cow?... ...the cow survives the branding

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