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My boyfriend says that I never solve my own problems. How do I prove him wrong?


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Lets face it.. maybe you won't get ripped in 3 weeks. However, you might grow a beard, change race and facial shape, so the ad is worth a look.


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Taking the decision to bend over and tie your shoelaces on a moving escalator injects the added thrill of a 'time limit'.


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I once knew a guy that couldn't stand up. We called him Neil.


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dishonoured muslim families: keep out of jail by simply disowning your adulteress children instead of having them murdered its a lot cheaper too


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Top Tip. London Borough Council. Putting a second 'No Ball games' sign 8 yards (7.32m) to the left of the current one will save us having to use a jumper for a goalpost.


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I've come up with a great way to come up with money. Find yourself a blonde girl and say "I bet you 10 that I can sing a song with anybody's name in it, you can choose the name". At which point she'll agree and choose...


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A neighbour's car aerial, when carefully folded, makes an ideal coat hanger in an emergency.


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How do you know when you've had too much? When you run out.


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When I got married I was told ''Never go to bed angry''. I haven't slept in three years.


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What's worse than a bull in a china shop? A hedgehog in a condom factory.


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Fool people into thinking you are going to make a funny joke, then don't.