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BODY BUILDERS: Save time and money blending up all your meals by placing the food directly in your mouth and moving your lower jaw up and down until the food is mashed up enough for swallowing.


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They always put ''For best before date: see side of pack'' on groceries. Why can't they just put the date there?


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About 90 percent of people on my Facebook account seem to have a mirror fetish, so I write everything backwards so they can read it.


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My Dad would always give me good advice. Like, "scream and I'll kill your sister."


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COMMUTERS. When you leave your house, sprint the first 200 yards and then revert back to your regular walking speed. This will save you from having to do the run of shame for the bus nearer the stop and look like a fo...


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Cheer yourself up at the next funeral you go to by hiding a tenner in your black suit today.


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I was given the advice that being dark and mysterious is what girls want so I decided to try it out at the bar on a girl. "Do you believe in karma?" I asked. "Yes I do," she replied. "Well I'm going to get struck by l...


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Headline in the sun 'NIGHT STALKER ATTACKED ME WHEN I WAS IN LABOUR' advice to all women out there vote conservative


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Here's a piece of advice for you. If you're sitting there in your house with 300 worth of marijuana, and the police are knocking at the door, there is one thing you should definitely not do... Try to burn the evidence.


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I hate being asked for directions in the street. So I usually just make something up, like - "Take a right at the traffic lights. Go down the 2nd turning on the left and you can't miss it". Then hope I never see them ...


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BBC News : Pressure mounts to phase out IE6 I never liked that postcode anyway.


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If alcohol isn't the answer, then obviously the wrong question is being asked.