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Leprechauns hide their gold in electrical sockets... You can check at home. Just use forks to get it out.


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Never get into a fight with someone who has a large tattoo on their neck. Do they look the kind of person who has anything to lose?


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Fool people into thinking you are an octopus by drinking several litres of ink and farting everytime someone startles you.


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I'm trying to think of something that would give me a bouncy appearance when i walk Nothing springs to mind.


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My girlfriend just asked me how we were supposed to stop her dog from drinking the toilet water when I keep leaving the seat up. I told her to put it down.


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OLD LADIES. A dab of silver model aircraft paint transforms repulsive facial warts into fashionable piercings.


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Why not try to keep an animal in your house? It would be like a kind of real life Tamagotchi.


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National Sarcasm Society - Like we need your support...


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If somethings worth having... It's not on eBay.


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I always give waiters a tip, but they never seem to appreciate my advice.


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Cheer yourself up at the next funeral you go to by hiding a tenner in your black suit today.


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I once had a lot of arguments and rants with my bank manager. But then I decided to consolidate all my rants into one simple monthly outburst.