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Now remember children, ALWAYS use the Green Cross Code: When you see a red man you must wait. When you see a green man you may carefully cross the road. When you see a black man you must run for your life. He's got a ...


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Take my advice........ Don't listen to strangers.


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Have a hot neighbour? Buy a trampoline, looks like innocent fun.


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Anyone can saw a woman in half.It depends what you do with her afterwards that determines whether your future is in showbusiness or Broadmoor.


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My son always misbehaved and there was nothing I could do about it So I asked an expert and she said the next time he has a tantrum don't get angry, just splash him with some water. I though this was weird but I tried...


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Yes frank i know theres a darker side to drugs its called the dealers!


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You can't choose your family,....but you can ignore their phone calls.


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Never put your finger where you wouldn't put your nose.


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My old Dad always said, "Lift with your legs". I find it easier to use my arms.


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What do you call a fish with four eyes? Fiiiish.


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If I had a pound for everytime I lost a pound, I would be no better off.


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After telling him numerous times to be careful, my brother fell off his motorbike. I saw him in hospital, and he said to me: "I... di... Din... Did... n... wu... I... din war... yu..." So I told him: "You can't say I ...