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I find that lying is like farting in the bath, you think it's funny at first, but it always bubbling to the surface eventually.


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If I ever have twins, I'd use one for parts


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My mate reckons he could eat a whole blanket, Personally I think he's full of sheet.


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Tip: When your pupil's parent asks you why you wanted to be a teacher don't reply "I'm a paedophile"


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Being dragged to dinner at the in-laws by the missus? Help yourself to a spicy curry with a little bit of laxative before you go, thus avoiding being dragged there ever again.


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I think the dole office is a great place to meet people, I've met all my drug dealers there.


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I've learnt the awkward way, if your girlfriend's mother asks "Would you do me a favour?" - ALWAYS wait until she has said "a favour" before eagerly nodding and saying yes.


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After getting blown by my wife, I quoted from my favourite children's film "Babe": "That'll do, pig, that'll do."


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The veteran actor and director turned to me and said, "You know what they say, you should never work with children or animals." "That's an old theatre saying, isn't it?" I replied. "No, it's what the police told us wh...


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Walkers. Sell more crisps in Arabic countries by introducing a new Sultan Sheikh range.


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When someone sees you crying, and asks: "Are you sad?" Punch them in the face, and ask: "Are you okay?"


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While the optimist's gas tank is half full, and the pessimist's half empty,... they'll both run out of gas at the exact same spot.

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