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"Use only as directed." Really? I'm taking pills, not performing on Broadway.


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Don't let anyone instruct you to rest a fist on your hip whilst you're sat on a table. No one wants to be made to look like a mug.


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Scousers, Get your day off to a cracking start by adding a couple of shots of activia to your vodka


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My Principle of life: If a girl throws a stone at you, throw a flower back, BUT MAKE SURE the flower is still in the pot


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If a woman asks you a question, choose what you say carefully. Chances are, she already knows the answer


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What goes around , comes around so it really doesn't go , does it ???


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What do you do if your friends tell you not to give in to peer pressure?


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The best place to hide a body is on Page 2 of Google's search results.


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Don't you just hate when there is a clown at your bed at 3am because you didn't send on a chain message


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People on nights out : Convince the world you are having a great time by updating your facebook status every 2 minutes about how good it is and how jealous we should all be.


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Now remember children, ALWAYS use the Green Cross Code: When you see a red man you must wait. When you see a green man you may carefully cross the road. When you see a black man you must run for your life. He's got a ...


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Take my advice........ Don't listen to strangers.

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