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If England thought their group was E ngland A lgeria S lovenia Y anks ...Then they might as well pack their B razil A rgentina G ermany S pain.


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Hi, I am part of the A.H.S. Except we call it the Abbreviation Hating Society.


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Anyone else in the UK noticed the new Tango slogan... Tango With Added Tango Now look at the left column of letters...


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What do you call a colour blind butcher? Graham


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arggh! cant think of a catchy name for my freshly-made lemonade stall. FML


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POV, BDSM, DP, BBW, BDWC. I'm so glad my wife can't break codes.


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Wish I could play piano better, but cba, are the only 3 keys I've been bothered to learn so far.


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I was going to learn which pedal was which for my driving exam, but I CBA.


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R.A.P.E.: Rough Asphyxiation People Enjoy.


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BRB. I'm not really going anywhere but neither is this conversation.


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When someone next says to you "See You Next Tuesday" ie C.U.N.T. acronym which is quite offensive - Reply "Tuesday, Wednesday And Thursday" ie T.W.A.T. acronym! You'll have the last laugh!


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So glad the saying 'YOLO' came out, I was thinking we got a second shot at this thing!

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