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There are few things more exciting than revealing the gender of your baby to your family and friends. So it is important to find a special and unique way to reveal the gender of your baby. Why does it need to be so special? There are only a few moments that come pretty close are: telling your family you’re engaged, sharing your wedding day with your family and friends, announcing your pregnancy, your baby shower and sending your kid off to college. Man, it all happens pretty quick, huh!?

Well, if you’re looking for ideas on how to reveal the gender of your baby or if you want to watch cute family moments that will give you all of the fails… watch this compilation!! Don’t forget to share your favorite moments in the comment section below!

100 Funny Baby Gender Reveals! | Cute Family Compilation

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  • NEWTON FAN 2 weeks ago

    3:28 yep… I think he hit her in the face.

  • Maya Moo 2 weeks ago

    “I want to play basketball”🐥

  • Itz Jenny 2 weeks ago

    When I went to my cousins house for a gender reaveal it was a boy and she was screaming and she wanted a girl :c

  • Shawn Grave 2 weeks ago

    Yo 3:27 was made me lmao

  • Okami Rosa 2 weeks ago

    Its either YEET or be YEETED

  • Emma Dietz 2 weeks ago

    I feel the first girl and the second one is sexist correction all of them are sexist

  • Code And Coins 2 weeks ago

    In a Nepal and India parent want to know is it boy or girl for an abortion but in a western culture, they want to know for a celebration.

  • Bronwyn Scarborough 2 weeks ago

    Get the ball

  • Bronwyn Scarborough 2 weeks ago

    The guy was halirous watch the knife

  • Keira Vibes 2 weeks ago

    My neighbor just found out today she is having a girl and the girl will have 3 older brothers

  • John McDougald 2 weeks ago

    Oooooooooo I’m crying 😭

  • * MirandaJeanTheJellyBean * 2 weeks ago

    0:43 is so funny! "Watch the knife!" Lol

  • Elizabeth Keenan 2 weeks ago

    0:35 he doesn’t give a f**k

  • Silent Wolf 2 weeks ago

    “I want a toy.” He thought it was a toy🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gulmakai zulmai 2 weeks ago

    Joe???the #1 garden?!?!???!??!!??!!?! ITS ME KHADIJA AND LOK

  • Sugarthe 2 weeks ago

    It's a baby – Honda commercial plays- brother!

  • Trea̷t D̶uck 2 weeks ago

    Guess you'll float too.

  • Life as A'Narie 2 weeks ago

    7:37 how I feel when someone says they don't like me like …idc

  • Animator Bonnie 2 weeks ago

    I always want it to be a boy XD

  • OOF GAMES 2 weeks ago

    Well you have to deal with it like my friend -_-